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Mchenry Distillery
2021 | Online Video Promotion  | 1.58 sec

Client: The Precinct


Director | On Location Producer | Editor: Daniel James

Cinematography: Brad Harris

Daniel was approached by frequent collaborator Brad Harris to help create a series of videos for marketing agency The Precient. This video is one of a series of four, that showcases unique Tasmanian businesses.

Tasmanian Whiskey Week
2021 | Online Video Promotion
| 2.57 sec

Client: Tasmanian Whiskey Association

Videographer | Editor: Daniel James

Daniel filmed and edited this promotional for Tasmanian Whiskey Week 2021. Celebrating the achievements and craft of Tasmanian distillers Tasmanian Whisky Week is a celebration of the numerous Tasmanian distilleries, their spirits and whisky. It’s an opportunity to welcome visitors to the state, host events, and engage with our customers on a personal level. This is an opportunity to showcase Tasmania as a whole, adding value to all of the existing tourist ventures.

'Counselling Methods' 
2021 | Online Video promotion
| 2.57 sec

Client: Real is Best Counselling


Director | Producer | Editor : Daniel James

Cinematography: Brad Harris 

This promotional video was made for Real Is Best Counselling to highlight the tools and methods used in their programs. Lara gives an detailed insight into her process and how she works with her clients one-on-one.

Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival
2020 | TVC and Online Commercial | 30 sec

Director | Writer | Co-Producer | Editor : Daniel James

Co-Producer: Rogan Brown

Cinematography: Richard Williams

Cast: Ella Watkins, Anne Cordiner, Adam Ransley

Client: Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival 

The Brief:

The Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (BOFA) is a Tasmanian film festival aimed at bringing people together to tell stories that inspire positive change.  The Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2020. BOFA is a festival of "Great stories, inspiring ideas, food and wine, conversations... and fun” but wanted to expand their audience to involve a younger demographic through their #WhatsYourBOFA social media campaign.

The Problem and Required Outcome:

The goals were to visually reflect the festival’s values while also attracting a younger generation of filmmakers to present their work and attend the festival.

The Creative Solution:

The focus was on creating three narrative-driven concepts built on distinct characters representing the age demographic which BOFA aimed to attract.


Each concept focused on a ‘time in a life’ moment of three protagonists:

  • a passionate young filmmaker seeking an audience for her film (searching for ideas),

  • a millennial writer caught up in the rat race desperate for a new perspective (searching for inspiration), and

  • a semi-retired woman, looking to make new friends (searching for connection).


Each character wants to make a change in their lives. The possibility of change occurs when a red carpet appears out of nowhere. As each character follows the carpet, through various Tasmanian landscapes, they connect with others who have followed the red carpet, and finally arrive at a BOFA “red carpet event”. The stories of each of these characters are narrated through voice-over to give context. 

The Result:

The campaign was originally to feature three fifteen-second commercials for television broadcast (one for each character) and a thirty-second web commercial spot (involving all three characters).  Due to budgetary constraints, it was decided to create a single thirty-second commercial that visually communicated a message of ‘connecting together’.

SeedLab Tasmania
2019 | Corporate Video | 3.36min

Client: McMahon Media

Videography: Daniel James

Seedlab Tasmania is a unique incubator focused on Tasmanian food, drink, agri-food and agri-tourism startup businesses. Seedlab provides access to a proven training programme and commercial experts to support businesses and help them start, scale and grow.

Paralyzed in Paradise
2019 | Documentary Short Film
| 9.26min

Director | Producer | Editor : Joyce Vasta

Cinematography: Daniel James

Paralyzed ​in ​Paradise is a student documentary film, shot ​​in​ ​Fiji​ ​that​ ​focused on​ ​sea​ ​cucumber​ ​fishermen​ ​who​ ​are​ ​paralyzed​ ​from​ ​the​ ​waist​ ​down​ ​because​ ​of​ ​extensive deep​ ​sea​ ​diving.​ 

recreational Grounds
2019 | Online Promotional Video | 2.38

Client: Hydro Tasmania

Editor | Voice Over: Daniel James

Daniel assisted Hydro Tasmania in the editing archival footage to create a video about using recreational grounds. He also supplied the voiceover.

Beast Camp

2019 | Online Promotional Video | 

Client: JCP Youth

Videographer | Editor: Daniel James

Daniel provided videography and editing services on a series of online promotional videos for northern tasmanian youth organisation JCP Youth. The video showcases the BEAST CAMP program, designed to empower and motivate disadvantaged youths. The videos aim to capture the essence of the personal journey all participants take as part of the course.

The Way to St. JameS, Cygnet 2019 | Online Promotional Video | 2.08min


Client: The Way to St. James, Cygnet

Videographer | Editor: Daniel James

Daniel covered the The Way to St. James, Cygnet pilgrimage from Mountain River to Cygnet in Tasmania over a two day period. Event organisers asked Daniel to showcase the event with a focus on highlighting the individual stories of people of religious and non-religious faith.

Issac's Gift

2019 | Online Promotionial Video | 2.31min

Client: Make Runs Maxi

Videographer | Editor: Daniel James

Make Runs Maxi is a registered not-for-profit charity. We aim to give people a sense of purpose and fulfilment, while also trying to decrease negative consequences surrounding our social and emotional health and well-being, i.e. suicide, depression, anxiety and all other mental health and well-being issues.


2018 | Online Promotional Video | 1.06min

Client: Devils Brewery Tasmania

Videographer | Editor: Daniel James

Devils Brewery commissioned Daniel to create a social media video on the subject of ''Collaboration'. He travelled with head brewer David Tottle to the north of Tasmania, documenting this collaboration with Morrison Brewery. 

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