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MIa CULPA SEASON 1 | 2020 | webseries|

6x13 Minute EPisodes

Project Status: Post Production

Release Date: December 2020

Series Created by: Ella Watkins, Rogan Brown, Daniel James 

Directed by: Daniel James

Produced by: Rogan Brown

Written by: Ella Watkins and Daniel James

Edited by: Ella Watkins and Daniel James

Cinematography & A Camera Operator: Richard Williams

B-Camera Operator: Matthew Farrell

Cast: To be Announced

What is ‘Mia Culpa’?


Mia Culpa - a play on the Latin phrase ‘Mea Culpa’, meaning ‘through my fault/my bad’, is a 6 episode tragi-comedy web series. Our protagonist, Mia, in her early 20s, is a budding counsellor whose passion is helping people, when in reality she could really do with some help herself.

The series is about young people figuring out their place in the world, and the modern day issues they face: un-employment, anxiety, problem-solving, sex and relationships, and dealing with failure.

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