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2016 | Comedy Thriller | 13 Minutes

Director: Daniel James

Writer: Adam Ransley

Producer: Rogan Brown

Cinematographer | Camera Operator: Sam King

Editor: Ben Nelan

Composer: Lance Trevino


Cast: Matthew Burton, Lisa Gormley, Matthew Stolp, Nathan Spencer

Synopsis: Bloodgurgler is a dark comedy/thriller which highlights the potential dangers of a life online, particularly when playing games with people whose real-life identities we don’t know. Computer-based role play games have become a significant part of the lives of many adolescents and young adults, and Bloodgurgler taps in to the excitement, the thrill, the terror experienced in the game world by our potential audience.

The film explores this “world” through the eyes of Brian, a young office worker. He sneaks time at work to play his favourite game, unaware that his victories and some of his other behaviours have offended his opponents who are out for revenge, and not just in the “game world”.

Whispers in the Wind

2014 | Psychologicial Thriller | 13 min

Writer | Director: Daniel James

Producer: Rogan Brown

Cinematographer: Leuke Marriot, Tom Waugh, Robert Harrison

Editor: Vivien Mason

Composer: Lance Trevino


Cast: Franz Docherty, Meg Bignell

Synopsis: A traumatised man crumbling under the memories of a near fatal car accident several years before, is determined to escape from them and regain an experience of tranquility. But to find inner peace, the Hunter searches the barren fields for his prey, in a terrifying hunt to kill his worst fear - his fate.


Top 100

Tropfest Australia 


Wing and a Prayer
2013 | Supernatural Drama | 7 min 

Director: Daniel James

Writer: Adam Ransley

Producer: Matthew Weeding

Cinematographer | Co-Producer: Geoffery Wharton ACS

Art Director: Andrew 'Perch' Machen

Costume Designer: Gushi Soda

Editor: Michael Sampey

Composer: Lance Trevino


Cast: Christopher Brown, John Andrews, John Xintavelonis

Synopsis: When a Minister is brought in by the military to speak to a captive, he discovers that they have captured an Angel. Under growing pressure, the Reverend navigates around the Angel’s frustrating method of rattling his captors to get the much-desired answers to the big question: Is there a God?

The SIlence of Whitewater

2011 | Drama | 5 minutes 30 seconds

Director | Writer | Producer | Editor: Daniel James

Cinematographer: Leonard Low

Composer: Lance Trevino


Cast: Joshua Direen, Ella Watkins, Bodane Hatten, Govinda Roser, Aidan Furst, Carmen Falk, Stuart Pearce, Sara Pensalfini

Synopsis: The story of a homeless teenage clown seeking happiness in a cruel unwelcome world.

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